Rich Klein Crisis Management

When Public Opinion Matters

risis Management, crisis communications anywhere and anytime. 


Rich Klein Crisis Management  was founded by Rich Klein, who has advised companies, colleges, small businesses, law firms, politicians and non-profits on all aspects of crisis communications.

When your organization's future is on the line because of a high stakes, high-profile crisis or reputation challenge, it can be stressful for management and employees.

Some think they can handle these critical situations with internal marketing, public relations and social media staff.  But they are often overloaded, too afraid to confront painful realities or just too inexperienced in this area. 

In a crisis you need an experienced, strategic advisor who can help you plan for all stages of a crisis: before, during and after.

 You need someone who can:  

--Help you foresee public opinion around controversial issues

--Advise on the right actions and words that will help maintain, defend or rebuild your reputation  

--Write sharply like a journalist to get your most important messages/statements heard in media/social media

--Interact with global media and other influencers during a crisis 

--Use social media intelligently to spread your ideas and story

--Influence the court of public opinion in your favor